Anatomy Introduction

The nature of human body is beginning of medical science (Hippocrates)

The word “Anatomy” is derived from the Greek word, “Anatome”, meaning cutting up. Ana-Tome means ‘Ana’(up) and ‘tome’(A cutting).
Anatomy is basic subject of medical science deals with study of structure of human body.
It includes branches like Embryology & Histology
Embryology teaches us about how a single cell (zygote) transforms in to Human body with billions of cells with different potentials & functional assignments.
Histology (from Greek word Histo, -“tissue” ) is the study of the microscopic anatomy of cells & tissues of Human being.
Dissection (Sect –cut, Dis.-apart)
Dissection always teaches us, where we may cut or inspect the living body with freedom
• Our department is well equipped & fulfilled with all necessary equipment’s & Instruments as per the C.C.H. New Delhi norms.
• Total area of our anatomy department is 1260.10 sq.feet.
• Department is well ventilated
• Human Anatomy is better understood in a dissection hall so our department consists of separate dissection hall.
• Our department consists of Histology demonstration room for students separately in which there are 25 Microscope with 100 histology slide.
• Our department consist of separate Museum
• Our department consist teaching material like Charts, Models, X-rays, Transparencies, Diagrams Anatomy CD’s etc.
• Our department consists of separate departmental library.
• Mummified body is available for surface marking.
• Audio-visual teaching aids like computer, X-Ray view Box are available in Department.
• Our Anatomy department is having experienced faculties like
• Dr S J Magdum (M.S.Ortho) having 30yrs teaching experience,
• Dr V S Akalekar (Sathe) (MD Hom.) having 20 yrs teaching experience & Dr Swati Bhosale (MD Hom.) having 3yrs teaching experience.