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   Affiliated University -MUHS Nashik

 Last 25 years we are in Education Field. Last in 2006 We havestarted CBSE school on the name of Late Mrs. Housabai Jaypal Magdum Public Highschool at Nimshirgaon every year we are educating good Numbers of students. Now we are going to start Homoeopathic College & Hospital on the name of Late Mrs. Housabai Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Nimshirgaon. 25 bedded – Homoeopathic Hospital, – trained & well qualified doctors are working in this hospital. We have maximum facilities in minimum charges..


Awareness Program On World Suicide Prevention Day by II BHMS Students….Theme: Creating Hope Through Action at Sanmati Vidyalay, Tardal.



Awareness Program On World Suicide Prevention Day by II BHMS Students….Theme: Creating Hope Through Action



Celebration of Teachers Day on 5th Sep 2023.



Educational visit to Industry through Community medicine dept, HHMC, Nimshirgaon.



On 07/08/2023, III BHMS students arranged ‘Breast Feeding Awareness’ Seminar at their native places in 6 different places 1.Jawahar Nagar Ichalkarnaji 2.Chokak 3.Shahapur Ichalkarnji 4.Danoli 5.Jambhle Mala Ichalkranji 6.Krusha Nagar Ichalranji as 1-7 august is ‘ International Breast Feeding Week’.



Awareness programme on Prohibition of Ragging and Sexual Harrasment in campus by Nirbhaya Pathak, Jaysingpur
Speaker- PSI- Mr Sargar, Police- Shailesh Patil & Team



Seminar on Antiragging & Sexual harassment by Adv Dilshad Mujawar arranged by Antiragging committee, HHMC, Nimshirgaon



14th August 2023-On the occasion of 11th Death Anniversary of Dr.J.J Magdum, a Quiz Competition was organised by the Department of Homeopathic Materia Medica of HHMC, Nimshirgaon for IVth BHMS students. Renowned Homeopathic Physician Dr.Pandurang Ganbavle Sir graced this occassion. Dr. Vidyadhar Khanaj and Dr.Pradeep Patil along with the chief guest were the Judges of Honor. The program was organised by the Department of Materia Medica under the guidance of Principal and HOD of M.M Department Dr.Shubhangi Sukumar Magdum along with Dr.Pallavi Patil and Dr. Dhanashree Ashwin Kulkarni. Team N.M Choudhari won the quiz. Drug Dramatisation was done by the students of IIIrd BHMS. Team portraying Argentum Nitricum won the contest.






On 18/07/2023 BHMS III year & IV year students of HHMC, presented skits on topic ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’ and ‘Screen Addiction’ respectively, for Late Mrs Housabai Jaypal Magdum Public Highschool students.



कै. सौ. हौसाबाई होमिओपॅथिक मेडिकल कॉलेज व हॉस्पिटल निमशिरगांव , जि.कोल्हापूर राष्ट्रीय सेवा योजना यांच्या मार्फत आषाढी एकादशी निमित्त पंढरपूर येथे वारकऱ्यांची मोफत आरोग्य तपासणी व उपचार शिबीर घेण्यात आले.
महाराष्ट्रातील कनाकोपऱ्यातून पंढरपूर येथे आलेल्या वारकऱ्यांनी या सेवेचा लाभ घेतला.



कै.सौ. हौसाबाई होमीओपॅथिक मेडिकल कॉलेज आणि हॉस्पिटल,निमशिरगावआणि तारदाळ ग्रामपंचायत यांच्या मार्फत तारदाळ येथे आरोग्य तपासणी शिबीर घेण्यात आले , दि: १५/०७/२०२३.



Jagatik Matru- Suraksha Din celebration by III rd year students on 10th July 2023



Chh. Shahu Jayanti Celebration in HHMC, Nimshirgaon



Doctor’s Day and Gurupournima Celebration in HHMC, Nimshirgaon



On 24/06/2023 our III BHMS students presented Street play & Speech at Jaysingpur College, Jaysingpur & Our College Campus, Nimshirgaon about Drive against Drug abuse Campaign- ‘Drugs Free India’. Activity suggested by Narcotics control Burea India and MUHS Nashik.



21st Jun 2023 International Yoga Day Celebration In HHMC, Nimshirgaon



श्री संत बाळूमामा अदमापूर येथील पालखी आगमन तसेच आदमापूर ते पंढरपूर जाणाऱ्या वारकऱ्यांचे स्वागत हौसाबाई होमिओपॅथीक मेडिकल कॉलेज निमशिरगांव येथे करण्यात आले त्याच बरोबर राष्ट्रीय सेवा योजना मार्फत विदयार्थ्यांनी वारकऱ्यांची आरोग्य तपासणी करून त्यांना मोफत औषध उपचार देण्यात आले.





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