Gynaecology and Obstetrics Introduction


Obstetrics– The branch of medical science which deals with Pregnancy, Delivery, Post­-delivery Period and Neonatology, Its normal and abnormal changes with disorder.


Gynaecology –   The branch of medical science which deals with female reproductive organs and their disorder with treatment and operatives. The term means “the science of women”.


Neonatology– The branch of medical science which deals with Newborn Baby-Physiological changes after birth and their disorder with treament.


       The significance of this subject in homoeopathy is especially important at the time of Pregnancy, Newborn and Gynaecological cases, where implementation of homoeopathic medicines at these stages of life gives astonishing results particularly in nonsurgical and curable cases. A Homoeopathic physician must be trained in special clinical methods of investigation for diagnosing local conditions and individualizing cases and removing mechanical obstacles, if necessary as well as their management by using homoeopathic medicines & other auxiliary methods of treatment. Even Homoeopathic medicines application will be most effective for postnatal cases, post operative cases and will give palliative line of treatment for malignant cases.

         Pregnancy is the best time to eradicate genetic dyscrasias in women and this should be specially stressed, & students shall also be instructed in the care of the new born.

         The fact that the mother & child form a single biological unit and that this peculiar close physiological relation-ship persists for at-least the first- two years of the child’s life, should be particularly emphasized.