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Academic Year: 2019-2020  

Sr. no. Date Topic Speaker
1. 19/10/2019 What Homoeopathy offers to Budding Homoeopaths. Dr. P. M. Ganbavale
2. 16/11/2019  

Exploring Mind

Dr. Kalyani Kulkarni
3. 07/12/2019  

Basic concept of Research

Dr. V. N. Manakapure
4 04/01/2020 Digestion of Carbohydrates, Protiens& Fats Dr. Sudin  Gaikwad
5 07/02/2020 Guidelines for Prevention Ragging at Campus Dr. Mahaveer Vaswade
6 07/02/2020 Awareness Activity Regarding Prevention of Sexual Harassments at Workplace Dr. Mahaveer Vaswade
7 06/03/2020 Role of Homoeopathy in Day Today Practice Dr. Vaibhav Joshi