Organon of Medicine Introduction


“Accuracy & efficiency in Homoeopathic therapeutics is only possible to those who have clearly defined idea of the field in which the principle of “Similia” is operative.”- Stuart Close.

Dr. Hahnemann as a Experimenter who applies logic to practice of medicine remains one of four epochal figures in the history of practice of medicine along with Hippocrates as a Observer, Galen as a Disseminator and Paracelsus as a Assailer. He codified all his wisdom on this new medical paradigm (i.e.Organon of Medicine) with certain unconventional principles to the knowledge existed at that point of time. Organon gives complete understanding of fundamental laws which endows the binding between homoeopathic profession & suffering humanity with true healing.

Homoeopathy as Wholistic science based on fundamental natural laws needs further research along the lines of modern developments in basic sciences instead of being Therapeutic Nihilist.

Motto of teachings of Organon is to develop unselfish, desire to serve The Sick, stability of character, patience & create an unprejudiced observer. Also to impart importance of public health services as a preserver of health, prevent a neophyte from being Medical Sciolists

As Dr. B. K. Sarkar aptly quoted “Dr Hahnemann wanted to cover the whole field of Medicine & intended that any physician wanting to practice Homoeopathy should possess the knowledge of what he considered to be fundamentals of medicine, which were systematized by master in his Organon”

Thus Organon of medicine is a cornerstone of Homoeopathic practice & philosophy.