Surgery Laboratory

Teaching Aid’s


Sr. no. Items Required Required Available
1. Total number of Charts As Required 18
2. No. of Equipments for identification As Required 50
3. Total Number of Specimens As Required 21
4.      Total Number of X-ray 10
5.      Total Number of Books 11


Department consist of teaching Aids like


1] Specimen :- Department is having separate museum which consist of specimens like ,Appendix, Testis, Fibroid uterus, Ovarian cyst, Renal stones,

2 ] Charts:- Our department is having about 20 charts on various diseases.

3] X-ray  :- Department is having about 25 X-ray  of different diseases, Extremities, Thorax, Vertebras,   Abdomen & Skull.

4] Instruments :- Department consist of number of surgical  instrumen